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Reclaim the instrument of your experience

Body-oriented meditation and attunement practices for embodying your innate wholeness, deepening intimacy, and uncovering profound inner-resource

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My name is Jason.  I'm a fully certified Realization Process® teacher and certified Coherence Coach, and I offer guidance and support on your journey toward embodying your innate wholeness.  Each of our journey’s towards a more authentic, embodied life is uniquely challenging and beautiful.  Through body-focused meditation and attunement exercises, emotional integration processes, and compassion-centered dialogue, our work together supports you in: 

  • Experiencing a true sense of home in your body 

  • Contacting an uninjured core of your being

  • Experiencing the freedom to relate to others and express yourself from this core

  • Uncovering a profound sense of aliveness and inner-resource from deep within. 

  • Fully resolving self-limiting core beliefs

Ultimately, I am here as a companion and guide.  As you begin to inhabit your body more subtly and fully, a natural deepening and reclamation of your being unfolds.  

“Wholeness is not a vague ideal, but a lived experience.  It is a potential, inherent in our human nature.  To be whole is to be conscious and in contact with ourselves everywhere in our body, to live within our body.”

Judith Blackstone, PhD, founder of the Realizatipn Process

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Why the Realization Process?

The Realization Process offers gentle yet powerful meditation and embodiment practices, as well as innovative techniques for emotional and psychological integration that:


Are focused on the transformation of your being, not merely soothing or counter-acting symptoms

Support highly sensitive people to navigate the world with deeper inward-contact and feel a safe and substantial sense of home in your body


Bring to life innate human qualities that exist within your body: love, power, voice, intelligence and sexuality  

Facilitate the gradual shift from an abstract experience of life to a direct, lived experience 

Guide you in attuning to the subtle core of your being -- a disentangled, uninjured core -- as your deepest connection to yourself and a portal to fundamental consciousness

Empower you to remain in contact with yourself as you experience deep connection with others 

Honor your individual, separate wholeness at the same time as your oneness with others and your environment  


Supports you in settling into foundations of your being to navigate challenges with more steadiness and stability

Reveal the power of precise, subtle inner-attunement 


Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call

I'd love to connect for an initial call to chat about your interest, answer any questions, and see if our working together resonates.  

Contact me below if you are interested


“No cure that fails to engage our spirit can make us well”  ~ Victor Frankl

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