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1:1 sessions

If your goal is to receive compassionate, personalized support in cultivating intimacy with your body and its innate wisdom, uncover safety and the felt-sense of wholeness within your body, and/or exploring gentle yet powerful practices for deepening your experience of connection and embodiment, a 1:1 session may be a good place to start.  

"Jason was impressively heart-centric and empathetically guided me into my deepest places.


I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and therapists, and can say that Jason felt especially present. He will be right by your side every step of the way, and creates a very safe container for you to go into the untraveled pockets of your consciousness to find healing and freedom.


If you are seeking a more loving relationship with yourself, a sense of healing, or to feel more embodied, then Jason is your guide."

Mike M. Coach, Podcaster, Writer

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How do I know if this work is for me?

The support I offer is focused on deep, lasting transformation. There are countless therapeutic modalities, tools and practices out there that can help you to soothe and counteract the discomfort you feel in your body and mind.  And that is fine, and can be important.  My primary interest, however, is in supporting you to gently and patiently feeling into the root of your pain and confusion so as to create the possibility for deep, lasting change.  This can be done with a feeling of total safety, uncovering deeper and deeper inner-resource along the way.  As you practice inhabiting your body with greater subtlety and depth, your consciousness quite literally begins to transform.     


This process of whole-being transformation first and foremost requires a commitment to yourself.  It also requires trust... trust in this possibility of transformational change for yourself.  If that trust is not there for you right now, that is okay.  We can work on cultivating it.  With curiosity and an openness to exploring what lies within, we honor the wisdom inherent in your body and let that be our guide.  As your inner-sensitivity grows, a natural deepening and reclamation of your innermost truth unfolds.  


Some specific areas of focus that may be relevant to you

With the primary intention of meeting you exactly where you are in your process, I support: 

  • People who want to begin or deepen their journey of embodiment:  inhabiting the internal space of their body with greater subtlety, balance, fluidity and depth and experiencing the myriad benefits of living a more embodied life

  • Highly sensitive people in navigating the world with deeper inward-contact and cultivating the ability to find a safe and substantial sense of home in their body

  • People struggling with symptoms and challenges often stemming from a lack of embodiment: fatigue, anxiety, chronic tension, brain fog, insecurity, high sensitivity to stimuli, and others 

  • People in developing a body-focused meditation practice and learning to listen to and follow their body’s innate wisdom and healing capacity 

  • People in cultivating profound inner-resource, so as to feel deep support from within themselves, navigate the ebbs and flows of life with more steadiness and stability, and experience the sober beauty of being alone in their body.  

  • People in resolving self-limiting core beliefs (mental models of reality) at their root 

  • People in deepening inward-contact so as to honor their authenticity and find deeper connection with other people and the natural world

  • People in contacting their emotional body and developing a tender, caring relationship with their hearts 

  • People in navigating and integrating a spiritual emergence 

  • People in finding a true sense of groundedness


What to expect from a session

1:1 sessions are an opportunity to do deep, focused work.  To do this, we need a safe, supportive, trusting container, which most of us experience more easily in the intimate space of a 1:1 session.  Realization Process practices and subsequent exploration can be tailored specifically to your individual needs, psychological history, and experience in your body.  1:1 sessions offers an opportunity to honor your unique needs, sensitivities and vulnerabilities with the support of a compassionate guide.  


Depending on your goals, sessions can look a variety of ways.  The focus of sessions can be on any of the following, and more: 


  • Deepening an already existing meditation practice and learning to cultivate the subtlety of attunement required to inhibit your body as fundamental consciousness.  

  • Beginning a meditation and embodiment practice.  The inner-wilderness of our body can be a foreign, unfamiliar, even scary place. And that’s totally fine.  We can take things very slowly and use gentle, precise attunement exercises to help you gradually feel more comfortable inhabiting your body. 

  • Clarifying and experiencing the boundaries of your body, so as to relate to others and your environment with greater agency, integrity, sovereignty and authentic responsiveness.

  • Resolving liming core beliefs. Integrating Realization Process exercises with Coherence Therapy methodology for transformational, we create the opportunity to resolve limiting core beliefs at their root.

  • Resolving trauma-based holding patterns, which seem to live in the fascial tissue of our body.  Realization Process exercise help us cultivate a subtle enough attunement to work with these holding patterns at their most subtle dimension. 

  • Attuning to and inhabiting the subtle core of your body, the deepest contact we can have with ourselves and a portal to fundamental consciousness.

  • Accessing and healing innate human qualities that exist within our body: power, love, intelligence, voice (self-expression), and sexuality (creative essence). 

  • Cultivating inner-resource and resilience by deepening your experience of inward contact and refining and integrating your breath and energy system.

  • Grounding and finding a sense of comfort or ease in your body.

What is your fee? 

I offer services on a sliding scale and wish to make this work affordable to anyone who is interested.

60 minute sessions on a sliding scale from $80 - $120.

90 minute sessions on a sliding scale from $120 - $140.  


I also offer session packages to help make sessions more affordable to people who want to commit to several sessions upfront.  I do not want finances to be a barrier to anyone interested in this work.  Please send me an email or set up a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss pricing in more detail.  

Important Note 

I am not offering psychotherapeutic services, as I am not a licensed mental health counselor, and I am not here to diagnose or treat mental, physical or emotional disorders.  I take a non-pathologizing approach to my work with clients.  The work I offer can be described as therapy-informed coaching.  While I do have training in several trauma resolution modalities, the resolution of major trauma is not the focus of my work.  That said, what we explore together could certainly support the healing of trauma-based holding patterns.  Anytime we go deeply into the internal space of the body, we are likely to encounter trauma-based holding patterns. Based on my training and experience, I feel equipped to support others in navigating the often challenging experience of inhabiting more and more of their body.  However, if you know or suspect that you carry major trauma and have not worked with it extensively in the past, I will gladly refer you to a trauma-resolution specialist.  Additionally, this work is best suited for those who have a solid understanding of their psychological history.

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