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Realization Process

"When we embody our wholeness, our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and perceptions occur as a unity.  Our senses function as a unity.  Our actions spring from a single source of understanding, emotional and physical sensation.  Even the smallest movement of our body, as we turn our head or gesture with our hands, carries the full breadth of our human capacities." ~ Judith Blackstone, PhD 

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The Realization Process® was developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD as a direct outcome of her own experiences of healing and awakening, as well many years of study and practice in different spiritual traditions, including Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. The Realization Process, however, emerged outside of any spiritual tradition or lineage.  Judith is an innovate teacher who has carefully integrated meditative and spiritual practices with somatic and relational approaches to psychological healing.  She has over three decades of experience as a psychotherapist and has been teaching the Realization Process throughout the world for over forty years.   


The Realization Process consists of guided, body-oriented meditation and attunement exercises designed to help us uncover an essential Ground of being, what we call fundamental consciousness in this work, and what is referred to by different names (Buddha nature, pure consciousness, Self, etc.) in many of the world’s spiritual traditions.  Realization Process exercises are, in effect, portals to fundamental consciousness.  They take us more deeply and subtly into our own body and being, thereby enabling deeper connection with others and our environment.  One core aspect that makes the Realization Process unique is its focus on opening to fundamental consciousness not only on the level of our mind, but in, as and through our whole being – body, heart and mind.  The Realization Process is designed to support and benefit people with varying degrees of experience in meditation and embodiment... whether you are just beginning your journey or with decades of experience.   


As we gradually shift toward inhabiting our body as fundamental consciousness, we begin to feel increasingly more at home in our body, more substantial, and profoundly supported by this unchanging Ground.  We feel more authentic, fluid in our expression and with greater access to innate qualities of our being, such as our love, power, voice, intelligence and sexuality.  These qualities of being seem to arise in us naturally as we inhabit our bodies in this very subtle way.  


The Realization Process also offers unique exercises and techniques for working with psychological holding patterns (adaptive, protective patterns, which we all have as a natural result of navigating the world in a vulnerable human body) that keep us organized in habitual and limiting ways.  Integrating these gentle yet powerful meditation and embodiment exercises with techniques for working with trauma-based holding patterns, the Realization Process helps us to get to the root of our various defenses and create the opportunity for lasting transformation. 

A few favorite quotes: 

"By applying fundamental consciousness to the healing of trauma, we enter territory that has been traditionally been called "spiritual."  For this reason, in the Realization Process, psychological healing and spiritual awakening are considered to be two intertwined and inevitable aspects of our progression toward personal maturity" ~ Judith Blackstone

"The Realization Process is also distinct from most nondual teachings in that it does not consider nondual realization to be the eradication of the experience of individuality.  Many current nondual psychotherapies aim to minimize the person's sense of individual existence, including the capacity to think and feel, and their embracing of their personal history, preferences, and aspirations.  But in the method presented here, we see that the realization of ourselves as fundamental consciousness actually deepens and matures our inward contact with ourselves, rather than eradicating it.  It heals and deepens all our human capacities" ~ Judith Blackstone  

"When you experience fundamental consciousness pervading your whole body, you experience the internal coherence of your individual being" ~ Judith Blackstone

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