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My Approach, fleshed out a bit

Attunement / Embodiment

Using Realization Process mediation and attunement exercises, I help clients to come more fully, deeply and subtly into their bodies. With the support of these exercises, I meet you exactly where you are on your journey of embodiment. For someone with little experience with meditation or embodiment practice, or for whom the body is a scary or confusing wilderness to enter into, these exercises can act as gentle, flexible invitations with which we ease in with safety and inner-resource. For someone with a solid foundation in their body wishing to deepen their experience, these exercises can act as powerful portals to fundamental consciousness, and to the depth, steadiness, balance, fluidity and subtlety of this Ground. In inhabiting our body, each of us can attune to a disentangled, unwounded subtle core of our being. This subtle core acts as a portal to fundamental consciousness, the Ground of our being. In coming to a more settled experience in our body and contacting this core, we experience a profound sense of safety and support from which to explore psycho-emotional material and work with limiting core beliefs (if that is what you wish to do). Much healing and integration can occur simply from the process of inhabiting our embodies more subtly and deeply. Where we go from there (refining attunement, settling more deeply, working with qualities of being in the body, integrating breath and energy systems, exploring limiting beliefs and psychological holding patterns, etc.) is up to you and can take many directions.

Inquiry / Discovery

When we enter into our body, especially as our experience becomes deeper and more subtle, we inevitably encounter constrictions, tensions, and emotional / energetic blocks. These protective holding patterns, which we all have as a natural result of development, limit our capacity to experience internal wholeness, express ourselves authentically, enjoy the full vibrancy of our senses, and take in the full experience of others. These adaptive patterns, which served an important function for some time in our life, have likely outlived their usefulness, and now ask only for our understanding and compassion. To bring about clear understanding and true compassion, we are invited to gently inquire into these holding patterns (into their purpose, the emotional content within them, beliefs associated with them, etc.). We begin a discovery process, gently and gradually becoming more intimate with these constrictions… allowing them to experience more spaciousness, breath, and loving attention. Integrating Realization Process exercises that take us deeply into our body with Coherence Therapy methodology for uncovering core areas of meaning, feeling and emotional learning, we create a potent opportunity to allow these holding patterns to unwind at their root. Embodied inquiry helps us to see clearly the mental models (schemas) that are keeping these holding patterns intact. Seeing clearly their purpose from the perspective of our adult wholeness, we can let go of our grip on them and allow new learnings to take their place.


The transformation of our consciousness is possible, and is actually a natural process that results from refining how we pay attention. It often occurs gradually, and as the result of profound patience with and commitment to ourselves. The Realization Process is focused on the transformation of our being, inviting us to directly attune to very subtle aspects and qualities of our being. These exercises, coupled with innovative techniques for working with psychological holding patterns, help us to gradually inhabit our bodies as fundamental consciousness, the Ground of being. We shift from an abstract experience of life, to a direct, lived experience. Our sense of self shifts from an image of ourselves to a felt-sense of self. Our breath and senses become more refined, and our internal experience more spacious and substantial. Additionally, as we resolve trauma-based holding patterns and core limiting beliefs, we feel a substantial shift in how we experience ourselves and relate to the world. Realization Process exercises create the opportunity to work with trauma and limiting beliefs at their most subtle (root) dimension. Coherence Therapy methodology clearly and elegantly applies groundbreaking memory reconsolidation research to the psychological healing process, also facilitating deep, lasting change.


It is important to give transformative shifts the time and space to integrate. This is not a process that we “make happen;” rather it is one that we participate in. As old, protective patterns unwind and we begin to have access to more of our being, we may feel vulnerable in certain areas of our body or in our relating to other people… perhaps a bit raw. We are asked to be extra tender and caring towards ourselves as we learn to be in our bodies, in relationships and in the world in this new, more open way (without these protective patterns that we have relied on for so long for a sense of safety). By cultivating a patient, gentle voice toward ourselves, taking great care, and committing to practices that continue to bring us back to center, we allow this integration process to unfold as smoothly as it may. The approaches of both the Realization Process and Coherence Therapy are uniquely designed to help mitigate this potential "after-effect" of the opening of our bodies, hearts and minds. The Realization Process is focused on working with protective patterns from a place of deep inward-contact (from an embodied experience of fundamental consciousness), Because of this, when we let go of protective patterns, we are not letting go into nothingness, but into this Ground of being… a profound sense of support and foundation. Coherence Therapy very intentionally supports this integration process by guiding us to thoroughly unlearn the very mental models and core schemas (ways of seeing the world) that drive the experience of vulnerability. By addressing the emotional root of the schemas that keep us oriented in a certain way, somatic and energetic shifts are accompanied by the psycho-emotional integration necessary to support us in inhabiting our bodies in this new way.

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